Family Business Consulting

Leveraging the strengths and navigating the pitfalls in family and closely-held enterprises.

Family businesses (or closely-held organizations that feel like family) have enormous potential to thrive and create long-lasting success for all stakeholders. The list of risks and pitfalls is long, however, and most successful family businesses work very hard to evolve the methods, relationships and structures to maximize their potential.

The Problem:

“The organization that I am responsible for with my family members needs some help. Sometimes we have a really hard time working together and we want to make sure that we are prepared for the big transitions coming down the pike.”


  • Get a much clearer sense of why things can get so difficult when working with family members and other leaders.
  • Assess the effects of people playing multiple roles… as Family Members, in the Business, and/or as Owners, and provide options to maximize harmony, effectiveness and creativity.
  • Create or update agreements and policies to add useful boundaries and structures to facilitate productive behaviors and shared goals.
  • Provide guidance and coaching for family and/or non-family leaders to help them bring out the best in themselves and others.

Why Choose Us / Qualifications

Our deep experience and training in Family Business Consulting can help increase the odds of your success.
Michael Madera has worked as consultant, coach, and advisor to Owners, C-level Leaders, and Board of Directors in successful family enterprises, and welcomes the opportunity to support your efforts. Click Here to Contact Us

The Family Firm Institute provides leading edge credentialing and training for advisors to family enterprises through the GEN/Global Education Network.
Michael Madera holds the Advanced Certificate, the highest level offered.

Michael Madera served on the Faculty of the FFI GEN program, and it's predecessor from 2012-2017, offering instruction in the US and Asia, and via webinar to students around the globe. He specialized in courses focusing on family systems and enhancing communication and cooperation.

Michael Madera was awarded the FFI Fellow designation in 2018, in recognition of publications and presentations and 10 years participation in global conferences.

Michael Madera has served as a Facilitator at the week-long residential Families in Business program at Harvard Business School. 

What People Say

CEO of Family Busines, Retired

I strongly recommend Dr. Madera based on my experience with him as an executive coach, advisor and consultant to a family-owned business undergoing significant change.

Co-Founder of Closely Held Business

Michael is a great adviser and consultant.
He helped our executive team focus in on strategic goals for the company while balancing strong opinions and personalities with ease.

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