How best to respond to the pace of change?

To kick off the new year, it's often good to step back and reflect... I hope you enjoy these 3 selections that give us things to celebrate, things to wonder about, and things to be very concerned about.  

1 - The State of the World

With the gyrating stock market and so many changes in politics and business, its good to step back and consider perspectives that point to the many positive trends that continue to build...

2 - Top of Tech: Artificial Intelligence

For me, the most compelling news in 2018 had to do with the rise of Artificial Intelligence. From Siri, Google and Alexa, to autonomous cars and self-healing technological systems, the implications and opportunities are unprecedented! If you don’t know your neural network from your machine learning.
Click here for a quick primer.

3 - How to respond to all the changes going on?

Now, knowing about positive trends and how new technology functions is good, and even better is playing out the ways the tech can be used, for good or ill. As pressures build on nations and corporations to compete for attention and support, many new risks emerge.

Click here for a 14-minute TED talk that poses a key question about technology: Who controls the data?

Bonus Resource: Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

On the personal side, here are some experts sharing their tips for choosing, establishing, and maintaining habits. 

Controlling our own choices and behaviors becomes more and more pressing as the tools of technology get more data and power to influence our choices.

Click here for the overview article.

You can always share a thought or a question in the comments box...

Thanks for reading.


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