Assessment of
Individuals, Teams and Organizational Culture

Accurate and nuanced assessment of people is a key leadership skill, and we are expert at enhancing leaders' perceptions and judgment.

Our tagline is: "When you need to get your people decisions right."

Many difficulties and problems in organizations can be traced back to a sub-optimal judgment about the skills, attitudes and capacities of people entrusted to do the job. Michael and his Associates have assessed thousands of people, and scores of teams and organizations, and we can help you make better people decisions. 

The Problem:

"We need better ways to understand what people are capable of doing and their motivations, which people would be the best fit for our jobs, and how our teams and broader organization measures up against our strategic goals."


  • Conduct rigorous assessments of candidates for jobs, as well as 360 Feedback with existing colleagues, to better understand their strengths and areas to be developed.
  • Utilize a combination of on-line, cutting edge assessment systems along with in-depth interviews and careful reference checking to have the most accurate data while balancing costs and efficiencies.
  • Support team and organizational leaders in giving voice to the concerns, perceptions, and suggestions of their colleagues through focused, relevant team and organizational assessments.

Pre-Hire Assessment

For Senior and Key roles, we offer in-depth assessments for selection and/or development, combining leading-edge psychological methods with real-world business concerns to help you make better decisions and develop leaders faster.

360 Feedback

We have helped scores of leaders design and deliver 360 Feedback assessments for themselves and their teams, from efficient on-line surveys to in-depth qualitative interviews. We support leaders in making the best use of their feedback to learn, change, and grow in support of their career and organizational goals. 

Team Assessment

We understand how teams succeed and we can help your teams reach their highest performance and add more value. We often focus on team development and team emotional intelligence. Our goal is to increase insight into the team's challenges and help members feel empowered to have the difficult conversations that remove blockages and return focus to getting things done.

High Volume Pre-Hire

For fast-growing, high-turnover and/or de-centralized selection challenges, we can bring you the same technology and research that powers over 2 million assessments per year. Easily connected to HRIS systems, this software is optimized to enhance hiring and on-boarding processes for hundreds of jobs.

Enhanced Reference
Checking System

Traditional reference checking processes are time-consuming and prone to error and bias. We can help you streamline and automate reference checking, increasing predictability and efficiency while reducing costs, as well as adding to your pool of candidates for future openings. 

Organizational Culture 

Understanding the motivations and perceptions of organizational stakeholders is crucial in devising attainable strategic goals. We can help you measure and deliver compelling results to show how organizational culture affects individuals, teams and larger organizational groups, and how to start conversations and make decisions to better align culture and strategy.

Why Choose Us / Qualifications

Our deep experience and training in assessment methods can help you get the information you need to make better people decisions. Michael Madera has personally conducted over 1200 assessment assignments, and he and his Associates have worked with Owners, C-level Leaders, and Boards of Directors, and we welcome the opportunity to support your efforts. Click Here to Contact Us

Michael completed 4 years coursework and thousands of hours of supervised counseling to earn his Doctorate and License in Psychology. He trained at institutions affiliated with Harvard Medical School, and focused his assessment and research on individual, family systems, and organizational issues.

Michael served on the Faculty of the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching Program and  also was a Master Coach Supervisor at William James College for 3 years.  He led the  teaching of theory and practice of assessment in executive coaching.

Michael and his associates are certified and expert in many assessment systems and toolsets, including: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DISC, Hogan Suite, 16PF, Group Development Questionnaire, Team EI 360, Leadership Versatility Index, Assess 360, Denison Culture Survey, Pomello Culture Assessment. Click here for more.

Michael is a certified partner for the Outmatch suite of assessments, which can support high-volume automated pre-hire testing as well as enhanced reference checking processes. This system, delivering over 2 million uses per year, can be customized for entry level to executive roles and represents the leading edge of assessment technology. 

What People Say

Sr. HR executive, Retired

Michael has conducted assessment and provided feedback and developmental coaching as part of our on-boarding process to employees and managers for over 10 years. His knowledge of assessment tools, developmental approaches and organizational dynamics assisted the employee understanding the organization and helped create effective developmental plans during the on-boarding process.

CEO of CollegeVine

Michael has helped me make more informed decisions when I need to hire key people. He understands the business needs and gives me a detailed profile of the candidate’s strengths. He also adds huge value by uncovering possible mismatches with our culture and team styles.

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